In the early and mid-20th century, Bull developed one of the largest Indian artifact collections from the entire state of Connecticut. The collection includes over 10,000 specimens representing people of the state from 11,000 years ago to the historic period. In addition, the collection contains the largest comparative sample of Connecticut Indian stone bowls, reconstructed pottery vessels, and groundstone tools in a single location. A 12-foot dugout canoe carved from an American chestnut tree, only one of three ever excavated from the state, is the centerpiece of the collection.
Ulu Knife, South Windsor, CT
Clay Pot, South Windsor, CT
Assorted Projectile Points, Hartford County, CT
Pendant, Danbury, CT
Paint Pot, Windsor, CT
Copper Projectile Point, South Windsor, CT
Plummet/Netsinker, Windsor, CT
Adena Boatstone, Windsor, CT
A type of throwing stick weight.
Steatite (Soapstone) Bowl,
Simsbury, CT
Sheet Copper Trade Pipe,
Stratford, CT
Iron Trade Axes, East Hartford (top)
and South Windsor (bottom), CT